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Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

Hoping all went well with Christmas and New Year¡¦s bringing a time for much needed rest and relaxation, if you were able to receive some R& R during the Holidays.

May this be a prosperous year in every aspect of Health and Safety, as well as spiritually and financially for you and your families.

Keep in mind that winter is not over, and with severe flu problems this year please take extra steps to stay healthy. Health care officials recommend a flu shot; it¡¦s not too late for a flu shot. Check with your physician if you have any questions about this year¡¦s flu shot.

With the prediction of a colder winter this year please keep in mind Winter Vehicle Emergency Kits.
Severe weather brings accidents with it, in some cases a potential for hazardous situations, being prepared will help in unsafe road/ highway conditions.
In our last blast of icy road conditions DOT (Department of Transportation) issued a caution for accident and stranded drivers to stay in their vehicles till help arrived.

Personal accessories have been known to fail during severe weather conditions, NO PHONE SIGINAL or low battery. Make a large sign ¡§CALL POLICE¡¨ for your EMERGENCY Kit.

There are many Vehicle Emergency Kits in a variety of price ranges, provided we can remember to purchase one.
You could make your own mini- winter emergency kit with items you have around your home. You¡¦ll need a shopping bag or any container to store your items. Some items you may want to consider purchasing if you don¡¦t have them. If you have a special need make sure you make adjustments to provide for those needs if stranded.

Bottle water
Snack bars/crackers (especially if you¡¦re a diabetic)
Flash Light and extra batteries
Ice Scraper
Band aids/ First Aid Kit
Booster Cables
Flat tire Fix (can)
Utility Knife
Screw Driver set
Duct tape
Emergency Triangles (optional or light sticks )
Kitty Litter

I hope this information is a reminder to prepare for Winter Vehicle Safety.

Rebecca Martinez
UAW Health & Safety, ƒvƒnDesk Phone: (817) 280-4505, ƒvƒn Work Cell: (469) 404-3469, ƒxƒnEmail: rmartinez@bh.com