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EARLY VACATION OPTION!  Please note this is available for this week only.  After this week it goes back to normal early vacation rules and criteria.  Please contact your supervisor or ERP (HR Business Partner) to take advantage of this early vacation option.  This only applies to those who hired in prior to January 2021.

CRITERIA TO BE MET BEFORE EARLY VACATION REQUEST WILL BE APPROVED: Employee may request early vacation to cover absences during the week of February 15, 2021, and only for the days Bell was shut down. Employee may request single vacation days and is not required to take five (5) consecutive vacation days. Employee must have exhausted ALL previous vacation time. This early vacation request will not be counted against the employee. All employees may request early vacation one (1) time in the 2021 calendar year and the normal requirements/criteria will apply. PLEASE NOTE: If the employee is terminated or becomes ineligible prior to July 1st, early vacation pay must be returned to the company. This is a one (1) time offer. Early vacation requests for all other weeks and/or periods of time will only be awarded if the normal requirements of eligibility are met.

Below is an example of the form that your supervisor/manager will complete for you.  Please note that it is your responsibility to contact HR to request this.  Thank you!