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Brothers and Sisters, after six weeks of on again, off again effects bargaining on the vaccine mandate the Company has declared impasse and will implement a new vaccine mandate soon. Due to the fact that the new policy has not been officially implemented at this time, we can not post the details on this website. However, we can tell you that the December 8th deadline is coming soon. Be sure to get your vaccination status and/or religious or medical accommodation request turned in by December 8, 2021. Your HRBP or ERP can help with this if you need assistance.

The Bargaining Committee does NOT agree with this policy and will NOT agree to this policy. The Bargaining Committee WILL fight any unfair/unjust acts towards our members as a result of the Company implementing this policy. We have a ULP (unfair labor practice) charge filed with the National Labor Relations Board and multiple grievances, and more may be coming. This Union is not just the Committeemen, President, or the Chairman, it’s all of us. It’s very important that we all stick together at all times, good or bad.

In Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee

UAW Local 218