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Greetings Union Sisters and Brothers,

Summer is coming to a close, bring in autumn, for some that means decorating our homes, (remember your Ladder Safety rules) home winterization time, for others much needed holiday relaxation time, as well as traveling to Grandma’s house, and vacations trips.

With Halloween approaching make sure children are wearing some type of night reflection on their costume/clothes, or have a small flashlight that can hook on to their belt loop. Another item that would be helpful is a whistle. Instruct your child how and when to use these items and develop your own action plan.

When my kids were young I would blow two long whistles and flash the light twice, then wait a few seconds and repeat to let them know they were moving too far ahead of the group.

I want to remind you of Family Safety keeping these tips in mind will also help with the stress that we all go through during the Holidays, when we have not incorporated Safety into our family activities.

Before you go-Leave a copy of your itinerary with a trusted family member or friend.

Before you go-Are you going to drive? Make sure your vehicle is in good mechanical condition and have your auto insurance on hand.

Before you go- before leaving home, close gas valves, disconnect electrical equipment and close windows /doors properly.

Baggage- Bring along a basic first aid kit.

Baggage-Check the rules for what you can carry on and what needs to be checked when flying.

Baggage-Travel light. Preship large bulk items.

On the road- Remember don’t drink and drive.

On the road- All passengers wear their seat belts.

On the road- Make sure your children are seated in approved child safety seats.

Out and about- Don’t take more cash, travelers’ checks, or credit cards than you need, keep a low profile.

Out and about-Supervise your children closely, particularly in public restrooms, large crowds, near swimming pools or bodies of water.

Out and about-Write down your contact information on an index card and place it in your child’s pocket to make contacting you easier.

Out and about-Lastly: share, eat, sing, dance, eat goodies, drink stay hydrated, and enjoy your travel time.

Enjoy Your Fall Family time. Have a safe, healthy, and joyful holiday season.

In Unity, and Solidarity
Rebecca Martinez
International Health and Safety Rep.
UAW 218