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Welcome to Skilled Trades!

Hello, Brothers and Sisters. I am Don Grundy, the Skilled Trades Chairman for our Local. A Skilled Trades Journeyman’s Card is something to be proud of. It takes eight years to get this card and not everyone can receive one. I know there are many new employees at Bell and some of you qualify for a Journeyman card. Also, there may be some employees that have been with Bell for a while and didn’t know about this program. I have heard that you can take this card and 50 cents and buy a cup of coffee. Well, it’s true, but you can also do the same with your driver’s license. Carrying a Journeyman’s Card and your Union Card is a privilege; it shows you have worked hard to get there. If any of you would be interested in receiving a Journeyman’s Card, I can be reached at home at 972-263-3563, or you can e-mail me at d.r.grundy@sbcglobal.net.

I would also like to add that some of our committees have a lot of activities coming up and they will need our help. If any of you can spare at little time to help out it would be greatly appreciated by all of our committees. You can contact the Union Hall if you are interested in volunteering some time.

In Solidarity, Don Grundy