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The news of another unthinkable tragedy has sent shock waves across our nation, schools, and communities everywhere. We have learned of another mass shooting in America.
This time at an elementary school in Texas.

How do we express our deepest sorrow and despair? What comforting words can we say knowing that 19 elementary-school children and one teacher from Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, will not come home from school? What can we speak about concerning the grandmother and the violence that took her life? We are speechless! There is nothing more horrific, more senseless, and more heart-breaking than the lives of these precious ones being taken away.

These beautiful children will never laugh or have play time with their friends and families anymore, the teacher will never teach bright, beautiful, smiling children anymore, the grandmother will never embrace loved ones again. How can one make sense of a senseless act? Our hearts are broken.

Remember this Uvalde, you are at the very core of our thoughts and prayers. We cry with you, we mourn with you, and we walk into the throne room of God and speak on your behalf. It is our duty to pray for you and love you, though we have never met you. We pray that He gives you all, strength to face each day ahead.

On behalf of the leadership, and the membership of UAW Local 218, Hurst Tx, we send our deepest condolences to all the victim’s families, the Robb Elementary School, and the entire city of Uvalde, TX. We pray God gives you, comfort, peace, and healing during this difficult season in your lives. Embrace each other, be strong for each other and love the children.